Alexx Henry
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Outside Magazine Motion Cover

To use the Red One Digital Cinema Camera to create cutting edge motion content for the Cover and Spread of Outside’s Technology issue featuring triathlete Chris Lieto.

Outside approached us because of the work we did with the Mrs. Washington Living Movie Poster. We decided to develop both motion and still images to feature in the magazine and online. We saw a unique opportunity to develop additional publicity for our client by creating a “proof of concept” magazine of the not-too-distant future, one that would have the capability of displaying motion. We designed and showcased a conceptual magazine online that will one day be possible in the real world with the continuing development of E-INK and OLED technologies.

Outside Magazine published both the print cover and spread for the newsstands, while featuring our living versions online as well. The “proof of concept” motion version created additional publicity and ignited a healthy public discussion on how the future of print would be displayed, which Outside was able to capitalize on, while becoming one of the first magazines to deliver integrated motion content.