Alexx Henry




Alexx Henry is an award-winning director and 3D avatar evangelist with roots in celebrity and entertainment photography. He is currently the CEO of BlueVishnu and designer of the BlueVishnu 3D capture stage. BlueVishnu specilizes in 3D scanning technologies and pipelines to produce photorealistic avatars quickly, effortlessly and to the highest quality possible. 

Recognized by The Huffington Post as “fearless in his vision,” Henry has lead his team to create a series of firsts in digital publishing, including a number of innovative motion movie posters and magazine covers. He also helmed the world’s first interactive motion feature of an iPad publication, which garnered the prestigious Cannes Cyber Gold Lion. Alexx Henry’s career has spanned almost 2 decades as a celebrity photographer and interactive director. 


Jennifer Pearl is an entrepreneur and creative strategist. She works with entertainment and celebrity brands to design immersive experiences. Pearl is an expert storyteller, always tapping into her unique visual aesthetic to engage viewers over a broad range of medias, from social media to print or motion ad campaigns. Because her images pay special attention to color palette and composition, they grab a viewer’s immediate attention. However, she infuses much of her work with high-level concepts that give audiences the gift of discovery and continued enjoyment. She has often been told that she has a knack for pulling ideas straight from her clients’ heads and realizing them in better ways than they could have imagined.

Pearl is also focused on bridging the gap betweens humans and next generation technology. She works with 360 video and VR and has founded a networking group called "Girl In VR", which pairs content creators with experts in the field of monetizing creative coming from that world.