Alexx Henry


Hallmark's Motion Poster Featurette


To create a unique campaign for the Hallmark movie “Mrs. Washington Goes to Smith” starring Cybill Shepherd. Our assignment: show the challenges of a woman who returns to college to get her degree late in life while maintaining the fresh comedic sensibilities that Cybill is known for. We needed to address how to best use the modest resources of a smaller network to create content that would deliver a great impact and rival what a well funded network could do. This was an important summer movie for them, and we were honored to help launch it.

With this project we saw an opportunity to deliver something extraordinary. In addition to delivering concepts for traditional key art, we helped The Hallmark Channel become the first network in history to release a Living One-Sheet. By taking advantage of the viewers relationship to the movie poster, we were able to catch audiences off guard: what seemed to be a static movie poster would suddenly spring to life in motion. To achieve this, we created a unique system that would allow us to shoot both motion and stills at the same time.

We delivered 3 Living Movie Posters and the matching print results as well. “Mrs. Washington Goes to Smith” ranked as the highest rated ad-supported cable movie of the week and day. It was also seen by more than 2.8 million unduplicated viewers.

Living One Sheets: Final Versions

Concept #1: “Students Have No Class”

Concept #2: “Teacher’s Pet”

Concept #3: “Diplomacy!”